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Service centers to get closer to farmers

The African Development Bank estimates that Africa's agricultural sector will need to grow by an average of 6% per year to meet the demand of a growing population. To achieve these goals, small and medium-sized farmers must be able to get the most out of their farms, notably thanks to new technologies and sustainable agricultural practices.

This is particularly true for Côte d'Ivoire where, for several years, innovative initiatives such as INVESTIV's drone spraying services have enabled farmers to improve their yield while reducing their production costs.

One of INVESTIV Côte d'Ivoire's challenges has long been to be able to put its technologies at the service of small and medium-sized farmers, particularly in crops such as cotton, corn, cashew nuts and market gardening. To meet this challenge, we partnered with Afrique Phyto Plus to develop a concept called Agrohub.

An Agrohub is an agricultural input purchasing store and a precision agriculture service center directly installed on a demonstration farm in villages and production areas in partnership with agricultural cooperatives. The objective of this project is to facilitate access to services such as aerial spraying by drone, training in good agricultural practices and the provision of quality inputs to farmers.

INVESTIV Côte d'Ivoire actively participates in agricultural drone piloting training for service center agents, drone maintenance and precision agriculture methods related to irrigation and agricultural management systems on farms demonstration.

Between 2023 and 2025, Investiv and Afrique Phyto plus will install 4 Agrohubs distributed in the main ag production area


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