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A fleet of drones and sensors adapted to your local environment

Our team works with high-tech, innovative and locally assembled tools to effectively meet the needs of our customers and partners.



Meeting the needs of every farmer


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From developing an agricultural plan to treating plants, we support farmers at each step of their journey.

Control the condition and dimensions of your land

In the implementation of an agricultural project, it is important to have an overview of the agricultural plot, to know exactly its limits and to design a plan for the future development of the land. The development plan will serve as a guideline for the project and will make it possible to allocate portions of land to agricultural uses according to the topography of the sites and the objectives of the project.


INVESTIV provides you with drones capable of carrying out aerial maps as well as level curves of your plot. This geo-referenced map, ready to use, is an essential element that will serve you throughout the conduct of your operation.


Drone aerial mapping has the following objectives:

Overview and exact delimitation of the plot

Knowledge of the topography of the land from contour lines

Future plot development plan


We use drones to fly over your plot and take very high resolution images at regular time intervals. Thereafter, we process the data through our mapping software in order to have an overall map of the plot.


Pre-mission studies

Organization of the flight plan

Carrying out the mission in the field

Data analysis

Report delivery


The renderings after data analysis are presented as follows:

An ortho-mosaic map of the parcel

Soil fertilization plan

A DEM (Digital Terrain Model) map of the plot

A DTM map superimposed on a satellite map

Plot layout plan (if applicable)

Contour line and 3D modeling (if applicable)

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